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Windmill Pharmacy is a small independent pharmacy located on the Dane Bank housing estate in Denton. Since 1995 it has been owned and managed in partnership and now solely by Rachel Potter. Rachel is both a pharmacist and mother and works hard with her committed team to provide quality healthcare and medicine advice to the local community.

Over the years we have developed an extremely efficient repeat prescription ordering, collection, and delivery service. This has saved our patients the time and expense of travelling to the GP surgery every month, to order and collect their prescriptions, also the time waiting for a prescription to be dispensed in the pharmacy. We now offer ordering via e-mail or by using the contact form on this site. For surgeries that are updated for electronic transmission of prescriptions, your prescription can be transferred directly to us, via the internet, without waiting for the piece of paper.

Your safety is the main concern when we d ...

Our Services

Pet medicines

Pet Medicines FRONTLINE® Spot On kills fleas and ticks and controls...

Stop Smoking

Having difficulty giving-up smoking? Quit before, and started again? Pressure...

Weight Loss Service

We stock weight Management Products specifically designed to help you lose...

Sexual Health Services

We are accredited to supply emergency hormonal contraception, condoms and...

Flu and Other vaccinations

The Flu vaccination season each year starts on 1st September. Flu...


Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites which are...

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