Pharmacy Service

Pharmacist Consultation


Duration: 15-minute appointment
Type: Telephone

Connect with our pharmacists for expert health consultations at your convenience.

Confidential, professional advice and convenient healthcare

Private Pharmacist Consultation at Your Fingertips

Expert Pharmacy Advice, Anytime, Anywhere

No hidden costs

Experience Premier Care with Our Consultation Service

At Windmill Pharmacy, we prioritize your health and convenience. Our online pharmacist service ensures you receive the highest level of care, tailored to your schedule. Book a phone or video consultation with our expert pharmacists at a time that suits you, including evenings, weekends, and bank holidays. Choose between:

15-Minute Appointments: Perfect for follow-ups or addressing a single issue.

30-Minute Appointments: Ideal for first-time consultations or discussing multiple concerns.

45-Minute Appointments: For those seeking a comprehensive medication review or for complex issues.

Need prompt advice? For urgent out-of-hours assistance, our pharmacists are available at an extra fee.

Please remember, for medical emergencies like chest pain, severe breathing difficulties, suspected strokes or seizures, or heavy bleeding, contact emergency services or visit A&E immediately.

Why Speak to a Pharmacist?

365-Day Availability: At Windmill Pharmacy, our pharmacists are at your service every day of the year. Whether it's a regular day, weekend, or bank holiday, you can always reach out to our pharmacists for professional advice.

Regulated and Registered: Our pharmacists are not just experts in their field, but also regulated by the GPhC. This assures you of receiving the highest standard of care whenever you consult with us.

NHS Medical Records Integration: With your permission, our pharmacists can access an summary of your NHS medical records. This enables a more informed and efficient consultation. Additionally, if required, we can provide notes from your consultation to your GP, ensuring coordinated care.

Our pharmacists are ready to help with:

Struggling with skin issues? Our pharmacists are here to help. We'll assess your skin condition, offer practical advice, and guide you towards the right treatments to soothe your skin and restore its health.

For any women's health concerns, our pharmacists are here to support you. From routine check-ups to tailored advice on menstrual and menopause care, we're dedicated to providing the care and guidance you need.

Our pharmacists are equipped to assist with a range of men's health issues. Whether it's concerns about testicular and prostate health or erectile dysfunction, we're here to offer professional advice and support.

At Windmill Pharmacy, we understand the importance of mental health. If you're facing challenges, our pharmacists are here to listen and guide you. Feel free to book an appointment for supportive and confidential mental health care.

Experiencing abdominal issues? Our pharmacists are ready to listen and discuss any symptoms you're experiencing, aiming to improve your daily life and wellbeing.

Dealing with endocrine issues like diabetes, metabolic diseases, or immunity disorders? Our pharmacists are here to offer support and guidance, helping you manage your condition effectively.

For respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, or other acute infections, our pharmacists are here to help. We'll provide advice and support to manage your respiratory health effectively.

For concerns related to the nervous system and sense organs, like ear infections, migraines, and pink eye, our pharmacists can provide advice and support, helping you manage these conditions effectively.