Neilmed Sinus Rinse Kit Sachets

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Number of Sachets: 60
How to use
  • Start by washing your hands thoroughly.
  • Empty the contents of one Neilmed Sinus Rinse sachet into the rinse bottle.
  • Fill the bottle up to the fill line with distilled water or water that had been previously boiled and cooled to room temperature.
  • Place the cap onto the bottle, ensuring the tube is in the solution, then place your finger over the hole in the cap and shake the bottle gently until the sachet is dissolved.
  • Over a sink, towards the drain, or in the shower, position your head downwards, and apply the top of the bottle to your nostril. Remember not to block off the opposite nostril.
  • Squeeze the bottle gently until the solution starts draining from the opposite nostril (or from your mouth), while breathing normally through your mouth. Never swallow the solution.
  • Blow your nose gently, without pinching it completely because this may send solution into your ears.
  • Repeat the process with the other nostril.
  • After usage, rinse the bottle thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging or check with your doctor if you're unsure.
Main Ingredients
  • Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Nosebleeds: Some users may experience nosebleeds after using the product. If nosebleeds persist or are severe, stop using the product and consult a healthcare provider.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people might be allergic to ingredients in the sachets. If symptoms such as itching, rash, or difficulty breathing occur, stop using the product and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Irritation: The product can cause nose and throat irritations. If these symptoms persist, do not continue use without consulting a healthcare provider.
  • Use only distilled, sterilized, or previously boiled water: Do not use tap water directly as it may cause a rare but serious infection.
  • Do not use more frequently than recommended: Overuse can lead to tissue damage in nasal passages.
  • Not for use in children under 4 years: These sachets should not be used in very young children.
  • Ensure the rinse solution is at body temperature: Too cold or too hot solution can cause discomfort.
  • Discard solution after use: Do not reuse the solution, as this could lead to contamination and infection.
  • Furthermore, always follow the usage and hygiene guidelines provided in the kit and consult healthcare professionals if you have any concerns.
  • Do not use if allergic to any ingredients.
  • Use with lukewarm distilled, filtered or previously boiled water only.
  • Do not use hot or cold water.
  • Do not use in children under 12 years without doctor's advice.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur.
  • Do not use if nasal passages are completely blocked.
  • Use fresh solution every time, don't reuse mix or sachets.
  • Discard any leftover solution after use.
Patient Information Leaflet