Pharmacy Service

Meningitis ACWY Vaccine

Doses: One dose

Meningitis ACWY is a critical vaccination, particularly for individuals traveling for Hajj and Umrah, ensuring your protection against the A, C, W, and Y strains of meningitis bacteria. Meningitis is transmitted through close personal contact, spread via nasal or throat droplets as a result of actions such as coughing, sneezing, or kissing.

Our efficient vaccination protocol consists of a single-dose administration, simplifying the process and ensuring you are comprehensively protected. Plan your vaccination at least two weeks prior to traveling to risk-prone areas, ensuring optimum immunity against potential infection sources. Boosters are not customarily recommended. However, an optional booster is available five years post-vaccination if required for meningitis ACWY certification purposes. 

Administered professionally via an injection into the upper arm. Potential mild side effects include localised redness, swelling at the injection site, and possible fatigue or elevated body temperature. The vaccine is versatile, eligible for administration from birth onwards.