Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking

smokefreeHaving difficulty giving-up smoking? Quit before, and started again? Pressure from the kids to give-up

We can help.

Book in for a free one-to-one consultation, with our specially trained consultants Rachel, Yulia, or Lauren. We will discuss your habit with you, take into account your life-style and products you have tried before, and help you select the best product to help you to stop smoking.

This may be nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalators, sprays or Zyban and Champix tablets.

But the help does not stop there, we help you through every stage of the process, and monitor your success.

All the advice is free, the products are free if you are entitled to free prescriptions if not they only cost that of a prescription.

To help you stop smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle, for life book in with Ron our hypotherapist

Alternatively see Smokefree Tameside and Glossop for group sessions, and other services.