Medicine Checkup - Medication with Dedication


Medicine Checkup - Medication with Dedication

Medicine Use Review is an NHS service that is available free of charge to patients suffering for certain long term conditions. It is usually conducted at the pharmacy every 12 months. In some cases where the pharmacist believes that it would be beneficial for you, it can be carried out in different conditions and interval.

Your doctor diagnoses your condition, and then prescribes you a medicine often choosing from a long list. But the medicine they have chosen may not be the best one for you on this list, you may have difficulty swallowing it, handling it, using it, or it may just taste horrible. It may cause you a side-effect which means you need another medicine. Doctors often do not know, when the best time to take a medicine is, and which ones to avoid taking together because they can interact with each other.

We can go through your medicines with you, give you information on why you are taking them and how they work, talk to you about any side-effects, give advice as to when to take them and tips on how to use and how to remember.

Often people will say ‘but I have just had a review with my GP’. This review is different. The GP just wants to know that your medicine works for your condition, they haven’t the time to ensure you can open the package, use the device or drops, explain how it works, and often don’t know when the medicine should be used or taken.

Just make an appointment with our pharmacists Rachel or Faz and be in charge of your medicines, rather than them be in charge of you. We are passionate about helping our patients to get the maximum benefit from their medication.

We will ask for your consent to discuss any problems with your doctor, and to feedback information to NHS authorities for statistical and auditing purposes.

New Medicine Service

DSC_0192When you are prescribed a new medicine we will always give you initial advice as to how to take/use it. For certain medicines we may also ask if you would like to make an appointment or telephone consultation to discuss how you are getting on with your new medicine, whether you are -:

  • Finding it difficult to use/take.
  • Experiencing any side-effects.
  • Forgetting to take it for some reason

Giving you the opportunity to discuss your new medicine, and find out more about what it does and how it works.

We can offer an electronic transfer of prescriptions (EPS) service which allows patients to nominate a pharmacy to receive their prescriptions electronically. With your GP being able to send prescriptions electronically, you will no longer have to go to the surgery and queue to collect your prescription. Your pharmacist will be able to download your prescription electronically via a secure NHS network. They will then be available for collection or delivery from Windmill Pharmacy.