Drug free pain relieving therapies


Drug free pain relieving therapies

NEW Targeted pain relieving massage therapy

Available in our consultation room every Thursday from September at £15 for a 30 minute session. For osteoarthritis and sciatica.

Choose you area of the body.

  • Feet, lower legs and knee.
  • Upper leg, hips and lower back
  • Upper back, shoulder and head
  • Hands lower arms and elbows.

Book with our therapist Vikki.


A new innovative treatment for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and painful joints, including sports injury. Clinically proven to lubricate the joints and reduce pain, without drug treatment. www.flexiseq.com

TENS machines

Try our TENS machines supplied by TENS company. Try for just £10.00 deposit for one week and find out if it works for you!medfit1

Med-Fit 1® Dual Channel TENS Machine The No1 selling TENS to the NHS and physiotherapy departments – £25.00pain-care-tens-main

Med-Fit Pain Care TENS – Dual Channel Clinically Proven Medical TENS -Digital TENS – £33.00wireless

Wireless TENS – £60.00

TENS works by stimulating your body’s own natural defenses against pain The Tens Machine transmits gentle, electrical impulses through your skin via self-adhesive electrode pads positioned on or around the painful area.

These gentle impulses attack pain in two ways:

  • by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s own pain-relieving hormones
  • by stimulating the nerves to block pain signals before they reach the brain

Conventional TENS relieves pain by having a direct effect on the pathway the pain is taking into the central nervous system. It reduces the sensitivity of the cells which transmit the pain onwards up towards the brain. Stimulation by TENS of the large non-pain nerves can reduce the activity of the pain transmitting cells for two hours.

More intense TENS stimulates the small pain-transmitting nerves, causing activation of the inhibitory mechanisms from other areas of the nervous system. It also tends to block nerve impulses going along a nerve in a sort of “busy telephone line” effect. All the pain and all the TENS cannot get along the nerve, reducing the amount of pain signals which can get through.

When TENS signals enter the nerves, they travel both ways, up to the spinal cord and down to where the nerves start in the bodily tissue that is painful. These impulses collide with upcoming pain impulses and knock them out, reducing the total pain which gets through.