Travel Clinic


Many GP surgeries are no longer providing travel advice and vaccinations free on the NHS.

Travel Vaccines available without going through MASTA, direct from this pharmacy.

Hepatitis B

Meningitis ACWY ( with certificate for Hajj and Umrah)

Complete the online form on, the online doctor will review your details and send the pharmacy a prescription for the vaccines.  You can then make an appointment direct with Rachel for them to be administered.

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Malaria Tablets only

Just require Malaria Prevention Tablets for your exotic holiday? These can be provided without prescription from this pharmacy, without a MASTA consultation. We need to know your travel plans, all the areas you plan to travel to, and length of stay, we will also ask you some questions about your medical history and medicines, to determine the best tablet for you. To speed up the consultation process, please read the information leaflet and then download and complete the form or pop in and collect a form from the pharmacy.

Malaria tablets are not available free of charge from your doctor. You will need a private prescription from your doctor or nurse. This service avoids the need to see the GP or nurse.

masta-travel-clinic-pgdMASTA Travel Clinic, vaccinations and Yellow Fever Centre

How does it work?

Travellers must book a telephone consultation with a MASTA specialist travel nurse, you will then receive a full risk assessment consultation, followed by the provision of a personalised travel health brief. The MASTA Travel Health Brief provided for each individual traveller ensures you are fully aware of the additional health risks of travelling to your destinations, as well as the vaccination requirements.

You will be asked questions about your health, previous vaccinations, travel history, destinations, purpose of your trip, and activities, to ensure your travel brief is specific to your needs and ensure your safety on your trip.

You then receive the vaccinations and/or anti-malarials themselves at this pharmacy, a specialist MASTA clinic, your GP or a combination of these.

Book your appointment online or call 0330 100 420, Standard network rate.