Test To Release Covid-19 Pcr, Testing. Lateral Flow And Antibody. Fit To Fly Test For Travellers.


Test To Release Covid-19 Pcr, Testing. Lateral Flow And Antibody. Fit To Fly Test For Travellers.

Test to release

We provide pcr testing for day 2 release, after entering the uk.  we can send a kit to you for you to send to the laboratory, (please phone the pharmacy), or you can come to the pharmacy for testing, book your test on the link below.  a test before 9am, will get a result by 8pm that day, after 9am will be the following day.  the cost is £120.00, for all testing which includes vat and p&p where required.


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PCR testing for travel.

We now offer PCR testing with certificates for fit to travel (from our partner laboratory).

our service includes:

Taking the swab and transporting it to the laboratory for processing.  an appointment before 9:00am ensures a result for the same day after 9am is the following day.  the cost of the service is £120.00.

lateral flow (antigen) testing, is sufficient for some countries and is not as accurate as pcr testing.  this is a quick test with results and certificate in 30minutes.  It can also be used instead of pcr to return to work following isolation.  This service costs £30.00

Some countries also require igm antibody testing. we can also provide this service at an extra cost  for finger prick testing or  for intravenous testing with a certificate.  

Travelling to china

New requirement for PCR test for travel.  Please go to www.windmillclinic.co.uk.  For full information and booking.

We will do the testing, and the results, are provided on two documents.  it is your responsibility to apply for the health declaration documents (green code).

if you need the test result on the same day (by 20.00hours) you must make an appointment before 9.00am.  if you make the appointment after 9.00am, the result will be available the following day at 20.00.  if you struggle to travel to manchester before 9am, in the morning, the test can be taken the day before, but the result would still be 20.00hours the following day.  there are no appointments after 9am on saturday, (the laboratory is closed on sunday), if you flight is a monday you must make an appopintment before 9am on saturday. please take into account that the laboratory is closed on sunday when booking your flight.

please book you appointment using the link below. 

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