Medicine Management For Care Homes


Medicine Management For Care Homes

care homes - medicine management service.

as a small pharmacy, we are able to deliver a medicines management service tailored to the individual needs of every care home we service. pharmacists rarely change, and each care home will be provided with a dedicated named technician, who will know your home, staff and patients.

we offer a same day service and will liaise with the care home to determine sensible cut-off times, which will take account of gp visits, which will ensure medicines can (for the most part) be started on the day of prescribing.

we will manage your repeat prescriptions, chase missing items and deliver medicines in a timely manner to allow your administration process prior to start of the cycle. this frees up the time of your employees who can then focus on delivering quality care to residents.

our service includes

  • managing, collecting and chasing prescriptions.
  • processing repeat prescriptions.
  • delivering and dispensing medication.
  • ensuring quality control.
  • delivering training on storing, handling and administering medicine.
  • creating effective compliance systems.
  • reducing the risk of medication errors.
  • ensuring compliance with cqc legislation.
  • stock control and medicine audits, from day one.
  • reduced wastage safe disposal of medicines.
  • provision of medicine administration record (mar) charts, or e-mar.
  • organising care treatment plans.
  • identifying anomalies.

what happens if you choose our service.

our first step is to understand your individual needs and your current systems and processes. we will identify any gaps or inefficiencies and areas for improvement. we will work with you to decide on the safest and most effective compliant medication management systems for your needs.

once we understand what is required, we start planning the implementation. this includes requesting necessary patient information, scheduling delivery of equipment and supplies, delivering staff training, conducting a full medication audit and planning your ongoing ordering and delivery schedule.

our qualified pharmacists deliver full training on the ordering, storing, handling, administering, recording, reviewing and disposal of medicines and controlled drugs. this helps build the confidence and skills within your team and ensure that you are compliant with cqc regulations.

our focus is on building lasting relationships with our clients. we understand that your needs change, regulations change and technologies change. to ensure that our services remain relevant and effective, we conduct regular reviews.

our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries.