Covid-19 Antibody Testing


Covid-19 Antibody Testing

just £25.00.  this is a fingerprick blood test, that takes about 10 minutes.

this tests for the memory cells (igg and igm) that the body produces in response to the virus, to be able to fight it should you become exposed again.

if positive it means you have had the virus, the advice is that this does not confirm immunity, and you could still pass it on if you should get it (you could get it again), and we do not know how long the antbodies will last.  but for most viruses if you have the antibodies, you are unlikely to get it again, and if you do, the symptoms will be mild.

you must still, abide by the covid-19 rules, for social distancing and face coverings, until the evidence is confirmed with regard to immunity.

the test can only be performes 21 days after recovery from infection, or 28 days after contact with someone with symptoms.  this is to ensure that there has been enough time for detectable antibodies to be built up in the blood.  the test is surescreen test and is highly accurate, no test can be 100% .y